WPP Masthead

We Proudly Present is a gifting service for households, businesses, and realtors. Our presenters personally visit households, businesses and realtors presenting them with gifts from our sponsors.

The presenters present community information, and gifts from local sponsors of our program. Our sponsors are merchants, professionals, and service companies wishing to grow their businesses with this unique approach of gifting.

Sharine Endersen is the founder of We Proudly Present and still operates it today. As an entrepreneur, Endersen has built businesses over the years and has found the best and longest lasting success with a gifting service. She has had first hand experience as a sponsor and understands the value of face to face word of mouth marketing with a personal touch. Most recently she worked with another gifting service when she and her family relocated to the greater Phoenix Arizona area and was disappointed when they ceased operations. She is determined to begin where the other company left off offering this essential and necessary service.

Very quickly the company has expanded to include a service for businesses as well as for realtors. The growth of the business exemplifies how needed this type of service remains. “There seems to be no end to the demand for our service”.  “It has been proven to me that even in this super-cyber space age we live in, face to face word of mouth marketing remains the most effective way to build a business. That’s what we do, at We Proudly Present; we go the extra mile to deliver for you!”