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We Proudly Present

What We Do

A We Proudly Present greeter makes a personal visit presenting a basket filled with information about the community and gifts from our sponsors. Our sponsors are merchants, professionals, and service companies wishing to welcome a new family to town or gifting a businesses or realtor.  They present the recipients with gifts, coupons and special offers from our sponsors.

The greeter will tell them about you and your product or service and recommend you to them and present them with a “personal invitation” to visit your store soon.

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We Proudly Present

It has been said that We get to make a living, We give to make a life!

The universal Law of Recompense promises that all we send into the lives of others comes back into our own multiplied. Could you get excited about engaging this principle to growing your business? Wouldn’t you agree that when we look for opportunities to give unconditionally, we can be confident that it will come back to us and enrich our business?

Doesn’t it just make sense that the generous gesture of gifting reflects positively on your business and sets your business apart from your competitors? And  . . . that by gifting your targeted market, you and your service become more memorable and worthy of attention?


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